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Invisible loudspeakers

The most beautiful speaker a loudspeaker you cannot see. As an answer to this, we offer you the invisible loudspeaker. The supreme sound coming out of the wall or ceiling seems futuristic but this is the new normal. Thanks to the technology of STEALTH ACOUSTICS we now can offer these solutions for every room. Voices and music coming out of the walls is the most perfect integration for every home. No more need to discuss the aesthetic appearance of a loudspeaker.

INCEILING Loudspeakers

When dealing with construction and buildings, we have ceilings and walls. Our brands offer the widest choice in loudspeakers for every construction. In-ceiling – in-wall, subwoofers every room has its dedicated solution.

Outdoor speakers

A beautiful house has a beautiful garden. Outdoor living is as important as indoor living. Why not have the same comfort outdoors as indoors? Together with our brands, we can offer a solution for every demand in the garden. Burial subwoofers, outdoor Television, speaker unseen between plants and trees.

Streaming Solutions

You have an account with your favorite music provider. Let’s make the music available throughout your house.