The magic of home theater is based on the suspension of disbelief; that moment when the viewer is totally immersed in an audio/video experience, when sound and image work seamlessly. This challenge drove the development of Screen Research’s patented ClearPix™ screen fabric.

Ideally, with the large images possible with a projection screen, loudspeakers need to be placed behind the screen. This presents obvious problems. A conventional solution is to micro-perforate the screen and apply acoustic correction to the audio signal. With the advent of fixed pixel projectors, the regular pattern of holes in the screen can coincide with the image matrix, creating a disturbing visual effect, moiré.

Outdoor TV Solutions

Times are changing and outdoor TV use is becoming increasingly common – enabling you to enjoy the sunshine and your favourite TV show, sports programme or home movies at the same time.

However, buying an outdoor TV can be extremely expensive, with the price of waterproof and outdoor TVs often 10 to 15 times that of standard flat screen televisions.

Wheeling your living room TV outside can be impractical, and expensive from the damage caused by a sudden downpour of rain! However, there is an alternative, Armagard outdoor TV enclosures provide a cost effective solution that enables you to use standard LCD TV screens in an outdoor locations, safely and securely in any weather!

Projection Screens

To design a video system correctly, it is necessary to identify the optimal screen size for every single application. Specific conditions of the projection environment may require a very specific screen dimensions (width and height). With Adeo this option is possible, subject to the respect of geometrical parameters and the need to retain the quality of the final projection.

To make the size of the screen independent from the chosen aspect ratio, the screen’s height (H) is considered. Unlike the screen’s width (W), its height remains the same regardless of the aspect ratio chosen.

The first step in optimal screen size calculation is selection of the type of installation: professional or home cinema.